Here’s How You Can Improve Your Team’s Productivity in the Remote Working Mode

May 21, 2021
Here's How You Can Improve Your Team's Productivity in the Remote Working Mode


A remote working model has become inevitable in the corporate business scenario amid the guidelines during the pandemic-related lockdown. Initiated by workplace safety and health concerns of the public, remote working has been facilitated by advanced technology tools and flexible work arrangements. While a numerous professionals in varied domains have been enabled to work in an innovative, all-digital environment, online attendance management and employee engagement have become elements of increased importance.

Factors that Help to Effectively Manage Remote Workers While Maximizing Team Productivity

The new normal has educated employees and managers to work together in the digital space remotely. Embracing new technology platforms while working remotely without compromising quality and efficiency has necessitated team members to familiarize themselves with operating and troubleshooting in the novel digital workspace. The following are a few of the major strategies that help to achieve productivity and efficiency in the remote work model:

  • Ensure that the right remote working tools are in place: Having modern and business-oriented technologies and tools is crucial. These allow your team to access all the essential data and connect. Employee Engagement can be assured as well.
  • Maintaining open communication lines is essential: Regular communication with each of your remote working team members results in improved output and quality of work. It makes online attendance management easy.
  • Create a culture that ensures transparency, trust, and accountability: Regardless of where they are working, your employees must work with dedication and in synch with their teammates. Make the company’s expectations, including the tasks to be performed, standards, and deadlines, clear to each team member. A reliable staffing solution agency will help you to formulate these norms and convey them to employees.
  • Identify which jobs fit the remote model and determine the right employee for each position: While certain processes and jobs render themselves well for remote work, others may not. Similarly, you cannot expect the same level of intrinsic motivation and discipline required for completing the tasks from everyone in the team. Identify the right persons and the right roles. This ensures the highest employee engagement and timely completion of the processes.
  • Establish a routine check-in process and ensure online attendance management: Managers must keep tabs on their teams’ involvement and ensure their teammates’ online presence during the expected work hours. There must be a system to track the hours worked by each employee. This helps to manage not only online attendance but also employee engagement.
  • Workflows and procedures must be consolidated: Various software may be required to connect employees from different locations. You have to facilitate consolidating the various processes performed by different employees onto a single platform using technology. It streamlines the various tasks, reduces the cost of software, and saves precious time. A robust Staffing Solution Agency can help companies with these matters.
  • Conduct virtual meetings: You must ensure that all the team members are occupied and performing their functions enthusiastically, without getting isolated or alienated. Using innovative virtual meeting tools helps to achieve better collaboration.
  • Consider work-life balance: Working from home involves an informal and less organized environment, which is new for employees. Increased work hours may become unavoidable. Ensure that this doesn’t lead to burnout. Take into consideration the physical and emotional health of your employees.


Setting achievable short and long-term goals, tracking each employee’s performance appropriately, and building a flexible yet disciplined culture are a few of the ways by which you may manage your remote workforce efficiently. Make use of modern software to track online attendance and ensure employee engagement.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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