The New Lockdown 2021 – How Companies Can Manage the Situation

May 19, 2021
The New Lockdown 2021- How Companies can Manage the Situation


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic-related crisis has changed the way business organizations operate. The lockdown imposed by the government has necessitated outsourcing HR services to a reputed third-party service provider. Starting from Payroll Outsourcing through Compliance Management.

The Changed Business Scenario Caused by the Pandemic  

A lockdown has become unavoidable in the present situation. It is the only effective way to control the spread of COVID-19. While it bodes well for the overall wellbeing and safety of an organization’s employees and management, it has also altered the business setting tremendously. Not just the professional and corporate set-up, the employer-employee dynamics have been witnessing a major shift too.

How Outsourcing H R Services Helps Businesses 

Companies are struggling to avoid layoffs and meet their overheads. Employees are facing the brunt of pay cuts and zero increments. The result is a huge attrition trend that poses a grave challenge to businesses. Entrepreneurs must balance several factors to keep the business afloat and sustain through this pandemic situation. Delegating the H R services to reliable H R Solution Providers is a sound business idea during the lockdown period.

Key Business Areas to Focus During Lockdown

By following certain innovative strategies and partnering with efficient HR Solutions providers, global business organizations can meet the challenges thrown by the lockdown.

  • Follow novel approaches and create flexible policies: In addition to the now popular ‘work from home model, it is essential for managers to restructure their HR policies and job roles to suit the current situation. Hot desking and remote working not only enhance employee morale but also improves overall productivity and efficiency. Payroll Outsourcing helps managers to focus better on business.
  • Transition to a new way of functioning: The pandemic has opened new avenues to conducting business in a contactless, digital manner. With the changing way of working, it becomes essential to adopt a cultural shift that is driven by respecting employees’ time. Contract Staffing and flexible timing are the order of the day.
  • Engaging employees meaningfully: Employee engagement is not just about checking on employees and keeping in constant touch with them. Meaningful engagement, by going beyond the customary practices, allows the employees to discuss their apprehensions and voice their concerns, thus boosting their morale. Compliance Management is one way of assuring that your employees’ issues are addressed appropriately.
  • Remote working model: With several unanticipated restrictions and quarantine requirements, the lockdown has made remote work the answer to numerous challenges in the business setting. This calls for fine-tuning certain functional roles to suit the remote working model while defining the new rules and policies for those roles that fit this model. In addition to payroll outsourcing and compliance management, an experienced HR service provider would navigate the remote work arrangements.


The management and HR personnel need to create a positive atmosphere that is conducive for employees to work without apprehensions during the lockdown. The priority must be to ensure the safety of every organizational member. At the same time, businesses must rethink their strategies, craft new business models, and achieve long-term resilience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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