Outsourcing Governance, Risk and Compliance

Corporate fraud is something that the Indian public can live with. But, not corporates. The demand for governance, risk and compliance outsourcing has increased significantly over the years, and market pundits say that the high growth rate of Indian businesses, stiff competition and a massive inflow of foreign funds have been the key drivers.

In India, Clause 49 of the listing agreement contains provisions related to corporate governance. Adhering to compliance standards is a crucial part of corporate governance, and its importance comes into play not only from a governmental audit point of view but also from the varying and evolving needs of a growing organization that is open to mergers and collaborations. With more FII investment, accountability to foreign shareholders becomes mandatory. Outsourcing compliance to organizations like TalentPro which understand the entire spectrum of compliance needs is the most preferred route, for those who want to raise overseas long-term capital.

While paper-and spreadsheet-based processes are resource intensive and can increase the cost of compliance, outsourcing to a lead player in this field can yield results beyond measure. Working with TalentPro means that you don’t have to deal with a one-size-fits-all solution, but one that is customized to your demands with a pro-active and streamlined approach to your growth plans.

Our compliance team will take care of your:

Risk Management

Will facilitate risk identification and analysis to guarantee the achievement of organizational objectives and compliance with policies and regulations.

Process Management

Will provide integrated discussion platforms for describing, modeling and executing your business processes

Quality Management

Support you with integrated quality management through all phases of your projects and will address the increasing complexity of your processes

Incident and Problem Management

Will handle all incidents, problems and bring corrective/preventive actions to the fore.

Control and Monitoring

Will provide a unified environment for monitoring compliance on a “one-on-one” mode, giving you a quick overview of audits and metrics, every month.

Policy and Compliance Management

Dispel notions about regulatory acts, international standards, and protocols, by continuous dissemination of information. Your data is protected, and confidentiality is assured guaranteeing appropriate compliance through periodic audits and analyses.

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