Temporary Manpower to Permanent

Gone are the days when temporary manpower requirements had to be advertised separately. No more, “black-listing” them – the world, its economy and the way people’s work attitudes have evolved have taken temping to a different plane altogether. Did you know, that 20% of all temporary job listings are temp-to-perm positions and that piece of statistic makes “temping” very interesting, even for the conventional job seekers? There is a complete shift in the mindset of people on how they perceive temps, and until now you would’ve come across.

Employers Vs Employees
While for many employers, hiring temporary manpower is a way to try out new workers without a huge commitment to providing full benefits, for many employees temp jobs have been a springboard to permanent positions, and of course, a versatile work experience that they cannot hope to achieve as a regular nine-to-five jobber. For freshers who prefer “work while your study” options, getting groomed to become part of a promotional seasonal workforce is a big boon.

The festival shopping season, starting from Dusheera ushers in many opportunities for retailers and shopping malls to engage consumers. The goal is to increase sales and footfalls. Consumers too look forward to festivals or theme based events in malls, as families tend to make it a day of outing and purchases. With a plethora of choices that are available for today’s consumer, the right sales associates are critical to converting the footfalls to incremental sales. TalentPro grooms candidates to become effective sales associates – They are screened for the right skill set, trained in a clear and engaging manner, taught best practices, and are rewarded for results, allowing the brightest field teams in the industry, to become brand ambassadors for our clients’ retail forays.

At TalentPro we:
• Can match up to the economy of scale of our client’s retail ambitions.
• Have the ability to launch new campaigns quickly – Seasonal or otherwise
• Have the experience to build some of the most successful face-to-face campaigns.
• Can deliver serious marketing professionals, with personality.

Mid-Career Placements
Also, senior professionals who are looking for mid-career changes should consider temping through TalentPro, which has one of the highest success rates in “executive placements.” If you are one of those who believed that it is hard to find a job that is both lucrative and fulfilling, then temping through TalentPro may well shatter this myth. With plenty of opportunities to choose from, professionals can get satisfying work, and still be able to pay their bills in style. These professionals are positioned by TalentPro and are trained to focus on completing a project on time – aimed at giving value for the clients, rather than sticking their discussions only to rates and bonuses. With this approach, TalentPro has earned a niche as a quality staffing supplier.

Temp staffing can become a platform to choose what a candidate likes. He works, and if he loves what he is doing, then he gets into a temp-to-perm role. Similarly, an employer too tries a few candidates temporarily and then chooses the one with the best fit – A win-win situation for all.

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