Think about Payroll Outsourcing. Think TalentPro India

October 26, 2010

In the past, economic conditions have always been the reason for payroll outsourcing – it has been a customer strategy to spend less and get more. However, today there is a shift towards optimizing operational efficiencies and focusing on core strengths. Payroll and compliance are the big two of HRO functions that can help companies in this front.

TalentPro is one of the leaders in offering Payroll outsourcing services in India. With TalentPro’s Payroll Solution and Compliance services, the clear customer benefits are:
a) Realization of early benefits
b) Smooth transitioning
c) Minimal redesigning of augmented corporate services and
c) Better execution in the area of workforce planning and management.

Experienced Player
Built by a team of qualified domain experts, TalentPro’s Payroll Solution has evolved over a decade of hands-on development and deployment experience. The technical and payroll teams at TalentPro have built a robust CMM Level 5 solution that caters to most client situations. Clients have complete control over salary payout, salary arrears, and increments, reimbursement processing, claims processing, attendance and leave management, flexible basket, SAP and ERP uploads. Clients have appreciated the many accentuated features of TalentPro’s Payroll solution, viz: Trust accounting, Business expenditure, Investment proof verification, Back up mechanism & DR, Fund transfer to banks, Centralized Emails, a superior Query Management System, support through best-in-class technology assets such as exclusive Payroll servers, Process servers, Mail servers, Web servers, and Backup servers.

The expert migration team backed by quality control experts ensures that Standard operating procedures and the unambiguous SLAs are adhered to, with ease. The compliance team backs deployment of TalentPro’s Payroll solution with the right mix of professionals who provide legal consulting and are also available to handle labour law related issues, making the client-provider partnership a winning team on all fronts.

Flexible Frontrunner
With TalentPro, enterprises – small, medium and large – can enjoy these benefits even with reduced size, scope and contract duration of deals, giving them greater agility as their business situations evolve. With the Software as a Service (SaaS) option enabled by cloud computing, TalentPro’s customers can even move towards subscription-based pricing. With the focus now on improving end-user-experience, TalentPro is working on adopting Web 2.0 interfaces at the presentation layer.

Known for its flexibility in reaching size-appropriate solutions to its customers, TalentPro’s payroll outsourcing service works with them to develop compelling business cases that mark its success. Even in pricing, customers should check out TalentPro’s innovative output-based pricing like subscription-based services, price per transaction (or service request) and smoother costing models that relate pricing directly to work undertaken, rather than notional savings.

Overall TalentPro’s payroll solution is a complete winner, and every COO and HR head should check it out before taking on call on outsourcing their payroll requirements.

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