Temping For the Needy

June 29, 2011

Year after year, India churns out a large number of graduates and post-graduates with little or no job skills, and the employability of these candidates poses a major human resource challenge. Add to this, the issue of having a large percentage of the population that does not go beyond regular schooling, and what we have here is an explosive situation where there is a lot of formal education, there is little to spurn our potential work force to become assets of an organization.

TalentPro India, with over a decade of providing human resource solutions, understands two significant peaks of the employment curve:

a) Vocational training is the need of the hour

b) Temping is lot more than just filling the gaps in employment

Vocational training can impart specialized skills, knowledge and instilling social and political attitudes and behavior patterns essential for successful economic activities by people engaged in independent employment, self-employment or subsistence work. Today’s employers are seeking a full range of skills that include communication, interpersonal skills and developing a work ethic. TalentPro understands that students, schools, and employers need to work together to ensure that school leavers are ready for work. It is also imperative that the students themselves need to be prepared to keep engaging in life-long learning to keep their skills up to date to stay attractive to employers.

Temping is one of the critical services that not only provide employment opportunities for the haves and have-nots but also creates a framework to impart such valuable work skills to the needy and underprivileged. Temping and staffing solutions from TalentPro offer plenty of opportunities in areas of Accounting, Plumbing, Electrical and electronics, IT, Telecom, Retail, and Agribusiness. Since the work tenure ranges from three to eleven months, candidates also get to acquire day-to-day work ethics and interpersonal skills, through on-the-job experiential learning.

As temping is predicted to cater to a large slice of a requirement in these sectors, the skill gaps need to be addressed on a war footing. TalentPro provides Temping and Staffing services to organizations, with a trained workforce that can close the ‘employability gap’ through its training and work experience schemes. On the other hand, employers also get to work with appropriately trained staff that can get to the grind from day one.

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