Metamorphosis – The HR Summit

July 2, 2011

With a growth rate of around 8% GDP year after year, India is pacing ahead to be a super power on its own. This growth has been fuelled by the emerging service sectors which has changed the Global Outlook towards India. As the Indian economy looks to grow further in the coming decades, new jobs and roles are getting created with increasing complexities and requiring specific skill sets.

The existing educational system is orthodo…x in its approach and is unable to churn out suitable candidates to cater to this demand from industry. Millions of educated candidates enter the job market each year; however the challenge before the industry does not lie in the supply of talent but rather that of employability. Education and employability are not in step with each other.

The three parties which need to play a critical role in addressing this skill-gap challenge are Universities, Training providers and HR Solution providers. Beanstalk, Tata Institute of Social Sciences and TalentPro have joined hands towards this goal.

Beanstalk is a leading solution provider in the training and content space with a vision to make today’s youth employable and productive by imparting in them the requisite skill set and in the process making the education system more business ready. Tata Institute of Social Sciences is a deemed university of great repute which strives to respond to the changing social and economic realities through the development and application of knowledge.

TalentPro is a end-to-end HR Service provider and a pioneer in Payroll, staffing, Compliances, Search & Selections (Recruitments), Training, and Consultancy services.

TalentPro in collaboration with Beanstalk and Tata Institute of Social Sciences have organized METAMORPHOSIS.

As Metamorphosis implies transformation, this enlightening summit is designed to be an initiative of a chrysalis in bridging the gap between academics and industry, taking up the responsibility in accentuating the skills of an individual, creating right job opportunities as per the skill sets and helping an individual to suffice and grow in the industry by either entering the market or opting for a career change.

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