How a Neem/Naps facilitator overcomes challenges while training a youth?

The skill sector of the employee drives productivity and helps them make their skills nurture while working on learning them. The traces of development skills make them feel confident about their work over their enhancement of focusing in their ambition duly taking their expectations to plan up to upskill their learning approaches in engaging them for their entitlement of skilling ecosystems to multiply the productivity by the massive extent in reaping all the vital components of evolution skills pervasively.

“The cutting edge of training skills in Sheer volume brings out the students to expose to become adept in their Career Path.”

Challenges in training a Youth under NEEM/NAPS, overcome by the facilitator:


Thechallenge is primarily the mobilization of students to train under the program. Conservative mindsets have driven the lack of involvement of the youth towards skilling development; low salaries during their occurrence to the professional sectors make them restricted in their areas without moving towards the success path by creating their job opportunities.

Active participation of the industries and the employers

The skilling sector needed to be more organized as there was a low presence of employers and industrial sectors to recognize a worker for the required skill sets in the work environment by giving formal training. Creating awareness amongst employers for occupational standards, job roles, and qualification packs is vital. The challenge also sustains being aware of the skilling initiatives to reach out and impact the skill development exercise positively.

We join hands with the team of experts leveraging the industrial and organized groups to make out the skilled employee through developmental training in creating the job roles respective to their curated opportunities.


It is crucial to scale up and make alignment with the aspirations of jobs. This is possible by obtaining the perfect training partners like Talentpro. Creating effective stakeholder practices and securing involvement and participation in the opportunity that the skilling initiatives provide. The critical factors in visualizing the right training partner who fits the skilling ecosystem’s requirements.

Talentpro as a NEEM/NAPS facilitator in Chennai, makes the ancillary support in scaling up the right job for the right fit under the training activities.

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Shortage of training infrastructure: 

The skill services sector has been multi-folding in job opportunities owing to lesser capital expenditure and thus has made a considerable amount of training development infrastructure. The shortage of training infrastructure is mainly stunting skill growth initiatives across India. 

We, the NEEM/NAPS provider, join hands with the training team to cater to the training infrastructure and deliberately work in the training program to enhance the student’s competency to move further in their career.

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Discrepancies of youth aspiration and their jobs:

The unified test conducted by the NSDC exhibit a distressing picture, and proper alignment of aspirations could be achieved only through appropriate counseling sessions. The stakeholders must collaborate effectively to create a healthy relationship among students to fill the classroom and the job roles based on their skills.

Bridging the skill gap between the students and their skills is a phenomenal factor for a training program. We at Talentpro help reach integrated development for the students through proper training.

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