Why Employee Appreciation is Crucial During the Pandemic

April 29, 2021

The timely recognition of performance has always remained one of the most motivating factors that induce employees to commit more. Recognition directly influences employee engagement and kindles their passion for their work.

An organization that adopts a culture guided by a timely, frequent, and constant appreciation of its team members will significantly improve their participation. During the COVID-19 crisis-ridden business ecosystem, recognition of your employees’ contribution reinforces the bonding.

The Fundamentals of Employee Appreciation

Recognizing the employees’ performance through appreciation in a structured manner enables them to understand that their contributions to the company are being noted. Naturally, human beings want to know how they perform in all walks of life. In business organizations, employees constantly look for ways to understand their position and their ranking.

Employees will find appreciation as an affirmation and a positive reinforcement in the quest for knowing their performance amidst a highly competitive work environment. Being appreciated and distinguished for their contribution and efforts, employees tend to strive more and reach excellence in all the tasks they undertake. This bodes well for the company as well as the employees.

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Why is Employee Appreciation Crucial in the Times of Pandemic?

With COVID-19 gripping the world in an unprecedented way, globally, the past year has witnessed a lot of stress, anxiety, and burnout. People have been facing the brunt of being isolated and working in an altogether different model. The disconnect brought upon by the changed style of working and the isolated feeling often results in a drop in employees’ productivity and performance.

Such situations lead to psychologically fatigued conditions. Here is where a token of appreciation in recognition, accolades, or acknowledgment plays a critical role in motivating employees. When they receive their fair share of adulation, employees feel grateful and achieve a feeling of oneness with the company. This removes the negative impacts of the pandemic while ensuring enhanced performance.

Key Benefits of Employee Appreciation During the Pandemic

Employees are better engaged

Recognition and appreciation make employees more engaged and feel valued. With high morale, they tend to be more attentive and dedicated to the task at hand. The woes of the pandemic will not negatively impact employee engagement when their performance is acknowledged properly.

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Retention rate is increased:

Appreciation for high performance is one of the primary driving factors of employee retention. A company that recognizes its employees’ performance experiences decreased turnover rate. With high loyalty and secure feeling caused by appreciation, employees will stick longer with the organization. 

Organizational productivity improves:

Being appreciated is a basic human need that drives an individual to put in more effort. Workplace recognition spurs a positive attitude among employees and creates an atmosphere where they look forward to performing better.

A friendly, trusting work environment:

With appreciation grows cooperation and trust. Driven by the virtues of acknowledgment and appreciation, employees will create a friendly and happy work environment filled with trust and empathy.

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Adopting a culture of appreciation and recognition helps business organizations to create satisfied and happy employees. This will bring positive vibes to your workplace and increase your organization’s performance and productivity, thus paving the path for enhanced profits.

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