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Choose your payroll provider

A payroll service provider assists with or assumes all aspects of payroll on behalf of another business. This arrangement is often beneficial for employers who value their time and want to ensure that their employee’s salaries are paid accurately and on schedule.…

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What Are Payroll Reports? How It Is Useful For Business Decisions?

Payroll is more than just paying people’s baseline salaries. A payroll report is a document that provides valuable workforce insights, which employers use to verify their tax liabilities or crosscheck financial data. These reports are used in business decisions and to predict short-term right to long-term growth. As the name suggests, these reports are generated from the payroll process and are primarily related to manpower. It includes information such as…

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What are the employee benefits? A guide to know the employee benefits

Employee benefits are the non-wage compensation to employees by an organization in addition to their salaries or wages. Employee benefits include insurance, retirement benefits, education loan, other loans (house loans, vehicle loans, etc.), sick leaves, and vacations. Employee benefit plays an essential role for every organization, which aims to retain the best talent in the industry. Have a Quick take on the Employee benefits: Upskilling Opportunities for Employees: Investing in…

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PoSH awareness training: What and Why?

Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) Training has gained companies’ attention, big or small, due to the recent increase in sexual harassment cases. Sexual harassment in the organization is a legal offence and cannot be taken easier by any employer. Organizing PoSH training in the workplace fosters healthy relationships and equality among employees, ensuring a quality work environment. PoSH training- a crucial role in the workplace: PoSH training helps employees identify…

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How a Neem/Naps facilitator overcomes challenges while training a youth?

The skill sector of the employee drives productivity and helps them make their skills nurture while working on learning them. The traces of development skills make them feel confident about their work over their enhancement of focusing in their ambition duly taking their expectations to plan up to upskill their learning approaches in engaging them for their entitlement of skilling ecosystems to multiply the productivity by the massive extent in…

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The Role and Job Responsibilities of an HR Consultant

The Role and Job Responsibilities of an HR Consultant

An HR Consultant is a much-desired role in a company accounting for specific organizations and concerns within the HR management or department. HR consultants and specialists can increase the aspect of the workplace and many other significant components that successfully leads to many human resource projects with assistance in optimizing daily processes. HR consultants should know about human resources management, functions, and the HR field.  ‍What does an HR Consultant Do?…

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Understanding Statutory Compliance Requirements in Payroll what are the important payroll statutory compliances

Understanding Statutory Compliance Requirements in Payroll, what are the important payroll statutory compliances?

What Is Statutory Compliance? Statutory compliance is a predefined legal framework with which the organization functions and treat its employee in a way that abides and adheres to various central and state labour laws. Statutory compliance is beneficial to all employees and employers. It makes an assured definite structure for the employees to get their salary on schedule. It reveals the satisfactory level of the employee. The employer clarifies rules and…

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