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TalentPro Moves Mumbai Office

TalentPro India HR Pvt.Ltd., a leading provider of human resource services to small, medium and large businesses, has relocated their Mumbai office to a new, larger location at 110 Gomes Indl Estate, Near Lathya Rubber, Saki Naka, Andheri East. Formerly…

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Payroll Solutions: A Profit Maker!

Human resource management is one of the most critical aspects of the administration of any business. It is a complex and resource consuming process. Outsourcing of human resource management gives the companies the time and resources to focus on the…

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Outsource Payroll and Take Time Off To Dream

We bring more life to people There are many reasons for which organizations outsource their payroll, to TalentPro. Most often, it is the cost-cutting and optimization of critical resources that are mandated as the reasons to outsource payroll to TalentPro. However, there are many more benefits to outsourcing payroll. As a small and medium enterprise business owner, there is so much on your plate that you hardly have time for…

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Staffing And Temping – Grab the Differentiators

Quick growth and great expansions within a short time frame are challenging situations. The issue gets compounded with the need for quality staff, spanning across a wide range of job skills and educational requirements. – A condition that requires utterly new recruitment approaches. The traditional routes of job advertising, job fairs or internal referral networks are time-consuming, may not provide the quality you seek and do not offer employees who…

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Temporary Manpower to Permanent

Gone are the days when temporary manpower requirements had to be advertised separately. No more, “black-listing” them – the world, its economy and the way people’s work attitudes have evolved have taken temping to a different plane altogether. Did you know, that 20% of all temporary job listings are temp-to-perm positions and that piece of statistic makes “temping” very interesting, even for the conventional job seekers? There is a complete…

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Think about Payroll Outsourcing. Think TalentPro India

In the past, economic conditions have always been the reason for payroll outsourcing – it has been a customer strategy to spend less and get more. However, today there is a shift towards optimizing operational efficiencies and focusing on core strengths. Payroll and compliance are the big two of HRO functions that can help companies in this front. TalentPro is one of the leaders in offering Payroll outsourcing services in…

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Temping is About Longevity

Outsourcing non-core functions like staffing (temping), and focusing on core functions in a tight economy, is the most appropriate route for optimizing an organization’s management bandwidth. However, immaterial of the trends in the economy; recruiting the right candidates with the right skills for the right job are always a challenge. In some sectors, while the number of people available to work has increased, the size of the talent pool has…

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TalentPro India – Your Best Recruiting Partner

We are distinct from any other company in this space, and have no desire to hide behind the jargon. At TalentPro we: 1. Can match up to your economy of scale. 2. Have the ability to launch new campaigns quickly – Seasonal or otherwise. 3. Have the experience to build some of the most successful face-to-face campaigns. 4. Can deliver serious marketing professionals, with personality. When your sales associate becomes…

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