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Core components of payroll processing in India

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The monthly salary and wages disbursement have several key components structured together in every payroll. Within and between gross and net salary, there are several ‘components’ that make a salary package. These are essential for the employers and employees…

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Need and Importance Of Statutory Compliance

At the cusp of industry 4.0, businesses are often at the crossroads of digitization, change management and automation initiatives. Enterprises of all sizes are expanding their business territory thereby creating challenging supply chain networks. Along with this growth, statutory compliance…

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Payroll and its components

An inevitable aspect of HR, which often gets overlooked, or worse, tossed over is the payroll. Perhaps one of the most important details that fall under the job of an HR professional and/or their employee is the payroll, but unfortunately,…

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Payroll Outsourcing Services for Small Business – Why it is Crucial for Startups?

For the growth of every company, payroll management system. is highly crucial and an important step that sometimes goes forgotten. Read more to understand the importance of payroll management and the relation it has with small businesses. What Exactly Is Payroll? Payroll is based on the concept of paying employees. Basically, any company that has more than one employee will most definitely have a payroll system. The motivation behind every…

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Third Party Payroll Outsourcing – Why it is So Important to Consider?

Payroll is complicated, time-consuming and involves a varied range of responsibilities on daily basis. Small and Medium businesses find it very stressful to manage it all by themselves and thus are increasingly preferring a third party payroll service provider. This is owing to the fact that it has been proven effective and easier to handle payroll when signing up with an agency. Third party Payroll outsourcing has several benefits. Here…

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Payroll Outsourcing Cost – The Benefits of Payroll Services Pricing

Payroll Outsourcing for a business of any size is essential and saves you the hassle, money and time to handle the payroll yourself. Increasing number of businesses today are turning to Payroll service providers to ensure smooth handling of Payroll. With not just giving you a hassle-free experience, outsourcing your Payroll to Talentpro helps a business to focus on its core value of building it and fostering its growth. The…

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Human Resources in ‘Gig Economy” – Temporary Employment

In a world swarming with over population, it is not surprising that companies and organisations find themselves full of employees. It is an absolute fact that employees form the root of any company, but for the company to grow strongly, the employees should be deeply rooted. The job description of every Human Resource executive mainly revolves around, well, people. How they manage people, how they bring in people, how they…

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DATA SECURITY AT WORK PLACE – Safety, Security & Privacy

What is Data Security? How to Keep your Data Safe & Secure There are millions of security risks everywhere. From every single decision we make, or do not make, we intake and exude an enormous amount of data. It might not seem so hazardous, in fact, very little so. What harm could buying something off the internet be? Or what harm could not logging out for a day or so…

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The Payroll Setup Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

What is a Payroll? It’s a list of the employees working for your company and the money you pay to them as salary. Payroll Outsourcing Services actually makes it easier for you to manage the payroll, deal with statutory compliance, and manage taxation. Here’s the essential payroll setup checklist to facilitate a smooth transition: Get the company papers ready: You need to obtain RoC, Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR), Tax…

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