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Is Your Resume Classy or Crass?

Have you ever noticed this? All men want their wives to look homely and unnoticeable, but choose arm-candy to be fluffy and noticeable. While wives are expected to be elegant, clean and straightforward, it is okay for arm-candy to be loud and glorious-looking. Because one is for the long-term and another is open to passing hands without evoking any great pain pangs from you. So it is all about presentation…

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8 Tips for Attracting Employees

Everybody knows the importance of choosing the right employees. For most organizations, human capital is the most critical investment. Without harping too much on the importance of attracting employees, let’s get down to the brass tacks of building a recruitment policy that’ll help you attract and retain employees. Stay tuned to the following: A satisfied and happy employee is your best word-of-mouth advertisement for attracting the right employees you’re looking…

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TalentPro: Providing the best

TalentPro, India is a pioneer HR Services company. Since our establishment in 2000, we have been successful in providing HR business solutions that include: Payroll Services   Staffing Solutions   Compliance   Search selections (Recruitment)

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Metamorphosis – The HR Summit

With a growth rate of around 8% GDP year after year, India is pacing ahead to be a super power on its own. This growth has been fuelled by the emerging service sectors which has changed the Global Outlook towards India. As the Indian economy looks to grow further in the coming decades, new jobs and roles are getting created with increasing complexities and requiring specific skill sets. The existing…

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Temping For the Needy

Year after year, India churns out a large number of graduates and post-graduates with little or no job skills, and the employability of these candidates poses a major human resource challenge. Add to this, the issue of having a large percentage of the population that does not go beyond regular schooling, and what we have here is an explosive situation where there is a lot of formal education, there is…

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TalentPro Gears Up To Expand Presence in Payroll Services

HR outsourcing company, TalentPro, is gearing up to tap the opportunities in the payroll services space, particularly in tier II and III cities. The company, according to Mr. P. S. Srikumar, Vice-President (Sales and Marketing), has invested heavily in payroll services, processing over 65,000 records every month. “There is a huge opportunity in payroll processing as less than 7 percent of the workforce is in the organized sector. With SMEs…

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