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Temporary Manpower to Permanent

Gone are the days when temporary manpower requirements had to be advertised separately. No more, “black-listing” them – the world, its economy and the way people’s work attitudes have evolved have taken temping to a different plane altogether. Did you…

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Temping is About Longevity

Outsourcing non-core functions like staffing (temping), and focusing on core functions in a tight economy, is the most appropriate route for optimizing an organization’s management bandwidth. However, immaterial of the trends in the economy; recruiting the right candidates with the…

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People management – A vital need

It’s vital for HR today to exercise caution to keep errors that occur in people management can at bay. We highlight a few goof-ups and ways to deal with them More hires, less timeAccording to P S Srikumar, VP, TalentPro India, very often, HR managers recruit under stress. A department in dire need of people puts undue pressure on the recruitment division and many times, this results in a hiring…

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Customise HR for young India or lose talent

With an increasingly young work force driving corporate India, especially people-centric service industries which account for half of the country’s GDP, HR practices will have to be re-engineered to meet the aspirations of individual employees, noted speakers at Metamorphosis, an HR Summit hosted at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). Speaking on people challenges in start ups and scaling enterprises, Mr Pankaj Bhargav, CEO, HRMantra Software, underlined the need…

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In-house Payroll versus Outsourced Payroll Services

We all have this great fad for comparing things. The more we examine, the better we are supposed to be at our analytical skills, exercised with oh-I-am-out-of-the-world-attitude. Moreover, you also have a boss who always wears his holier than thou attitude, because he believes only in facts, numbers, and charts. Also, he is armed with the magic wand of your next appraisal. So when your organization asks you to give…

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