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Across the Globe, Future of Employee Payroll in Cryptocurrencies

Evolution of Cryptocurrency Handling of money, often one of the most anxiety inducing jobs, has taken an even larger toll since the introduction of crypto currency. It has led to sleepless nights and aimless days of calculating and processing the sudden gain and abrupt loss of this exciting concept of virtual money. Someone would call the whole occurrence as a product of over indulging in online gambles, but it is…

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How A Payroll Systems Works

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] When we consider systems, we always think of an application – offline or online. But, that is a narrow way of looking at things. Many systems, such as production systems, train systems etc incorporate a much broader set of activities and structures. In the case of a Payroll System, we are essentially looking at how the activities related to payroll are handled by a computer application. To understand this…

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Why Is Third-Party Compliance Management Important Especially For SMEs?

The Need for Compliance The other day I met a Company Secretary who was desperate to delink himself from his current employer and look for a ‘better’ employer. His grouch? In spite of his sincere efforts, his current employer was non-compliant on some counts. The Company Secretary feared that his reputation and employability will be destroyed. In a recent meeting with Chartered Accountants, the PM literally warned them that they…

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Where is HRMS Going in 2017?

The world is changing rapidly. Companies such as Uber is changing the way business is conducted. The latest is Uberisation, a process by which companies have a mixture of employees and external experts or professionals who are hired as consultants. This model is very attractive to companies as the transactional costs are low. Talent is hired based on demand-supply. Intense competition has forced companies to be agile. I yet remember…

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The Influence of Compliance Management for Business Success

India is changing today. The government is introducing GST to ease taxation hassles and make it easy for individuals and business to remit their taxes through a single online portal. Even income tax is being made simpler for e-filing and similar steps. One of the major advantages we foresee is a lesser intrusion from governmental agencies as long as they see that you are compliant on all areas. As far…

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How Crucial is Compliance for Startups

India is the base to the world’s third largest startups in terms of numbers. About 3 to 4 startups are born every day. Startups are built on the vision of the owner or owners. You have an experience in life. Think of a solution, an idea, and a startup is born. Many startups are extremely successful. It seems to be a well-accepted fact that startups can bring a new technology…

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