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Challenges Facing HR Executives [Report]

Challenges Facing report is based on a survey of Human Resource Professionals by Society of Human Resource on their views of challenges they feel will affect the workplace in the coming years. Compared with the responses, HR Professionals are more concerned with developing future leaders and remaining competitive in the talent marketplace, whereas they are less concerned with finding employees in global markets and breaking down cultural barriers to create…

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Global Agency Work Industry in 2011 [Report]

Download the detailed report on “Global Agency Work Industry” in 2011. Global agency work industry continued to recover and started seeing a positive growth throughout 2011 & 2012 after the slump in the economy which started in US in 2007 and gradually the growth spread across other countries in the world according to the Ciett economic report 2013 on the Global Agency Work Industry in 2011. The upward growth in…

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India has the potential to become the largest staffing industry in the world

Global Staffing Industry has estimated India as the one of largest markets and also says that the country has the potential to become the largest staffing industry in the world given the support from Indian govt. in ratifying certain labor laws or regulations and with the demographic edge that the country has over China in the long run. Global experience in the staffing industry emphasizes on flexi staffing which provides…

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Indian Staffing Federation (ISF) requests Indian Govt. for Confirmation of ILO Convention 181

Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), which is a highest body of staffing companies in India (Its main aim is the growth of Indian Staffing Industry) and CIETT, International Confederation of Employment agencies has urged the government of India to adopt a regulatory framework and to reform the labor laws system to align it with the unique ‘tripartite’ feature of the flexi staffing industry through International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 181. Both…

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State Of Flexi Staffing Industry in India [Infographic]

Temporary Staffing or Contract Staffing is a process where companies hire professionals as per the requirements, for a particular period. Flexi staffing is often called “contract staffing,” “temping” or “temporary staffing.” A recent report by Indian Staffing Federation (ISF) on “Indian Staffing industry 2012” which involved research on Indian Flexi staffing Industry’s size, types and demographics have the following significant outcomes: India is among the top 5 nations in terms…

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