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Top 15 Crucial Things Every Businessperson Should Complete Before The Financial Year End

In India, the financial year is from 1st of April to 31st of March every year. By the 31st of March, all the financial obligations like tax filing, returns, should be fulfilled. It is essential for those who are required to follow the mercantile system, to ascertain the transactions accrued up to 31st of March and to accurately record the same in the books of account. Employee payroll and abiding the legal compliance are…

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Provident Fund – Supreme Court Latest Judgement – The Real Story

The Supreme Court has recently passed a landmark judgement on the Employee Provident Fund (EPF). This ‘Test of Universality’ judgement is bound to affect and impact the salaried class. Before we get into understanding how the Supreme Court judgement impacts the salaried class, here is a quick run through about Salary Break Up and Provident Fund. Salary Break Up An Employee’s salary is distributed under different heads. This is done…

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Things that Motivate Employees More than Wages & Attractive Salaries – What Matters?

Money is not be all and end all Money is undoubtedly a huge factor in motivation but certainly can’t buy an employee’s loyalty towards his organization. If we are completely honest with ourselves, pay can only motivate us so much. Even if we earn a good salary figure but are working to the point of exhaustion in some dilapidated office, working with unfriendly and in professional people, and working with…

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Payroll – Finance or HR – Whose job is it?

Payroll is the statement of salary payments to be made to employees of a company. It is a routine but one of the essential activities in an organisation, and if there is no Payroll, there is no salary. Many employed people may have experienced and know what it is like when the monthly salary is delayed. It is not at all a pleasant feeling. Payroll means money, but it is…

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5 Key trends that are Transforming the IT staffing industry

New trends in the IT staffing industry are not a new thing. We find that every year new processes, tools and methodologies that are taking the IT staffing industry by storm. To stay relevant in this fiercer industry, you must be familiar with the present trends and implement those latest technologies and changes. If you fail to move with time, you may lose out in the ultimate race and may…

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Human Resource Management System (HRMS) – A Real X Factor

What Is HRMS? HRMS is a comprehensive IT-based tool that can effectively and efficiently manage all your Human Resource (HR) needs. An HRMS can handle all activities under Employee Recruitment, Employee Management, and Employee Development. This means that an HRMS can bring under its umbrella all the levels of employees like topmost employees, senior employees, mid-level employees, junior employees, non-executive cadre, full-time employees, part-time employees, contract staff, etc.  As per…

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